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Strange Interlude
Leaving the Lyttelton auditorium last night I overheard a fellow audience member say to their friend, "wow, that was like watching someone's whole life". And ...
Hadley FraserHadley Fraser plays chess master Garry Kasparov in new play The Machine
Hadley Fraser will star as Russian chess grandmaster Ga...
Douglas Hodge & Nigel Planer. Photo: Helen Maybanks Show Pics: First images of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The first production images have been released for Charli...
1st Night Photos: Denise Van Outen supports her West End man Lee Mead
Denise Van Outen, no stranger to West End press nights,...
The Big List: Who will do National service after Hytner? Meet the contenders (29 and counting...)
You recently voted Nicholas Hytner the most successful...
Joe Pasquale Joe Pasquale stars as King Arthur in West End Spamalot
Joe Pasquale will make his West End musical debut when he...
20 Questions with ... Rising star Joe Dempsie
Joe Dempsie, best know for his roles in Skins and Game ...
Michael Coveney: West End Men in search of new musical theatre
The West End Men who opened at the Vaudeville last nigh...
West End Men
First things first, this show should carry a health war...
Matthew Macfadyen & Stephen ManganMatthew Macfadyen & Stephen Mangan star as Jeeves & Wooster in West End Perfect Nonsense
Matthew Macfadyen and Stephen Mangan will star as Jeeve...

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Bad Behaviour At A Show
I went to a west end musical last week where an incident happened whereby several people kept on talking throu...
Tony Awards Tonight... Predictions?
Will Matilda sweep? Discuss your predictions here!! My musical opinions are (who i think will win, not who i w...
Bertie Carvel In Matilda
Ever since I saw Bertie Carvel's wonderful Miss Trunchbull last year, it has been bugging me where his inspira...
Favourite Set?
After discussing the Charlie and the Chocolate factory set on another thread, just wondering if people have a ...
Theatre At The Cinema
What are people’s thoughts on this? I went last night to People as I couldn’t get tickets for it ...
Unsubsidised Large Scale Theatre
Tangram Theatre Company are attempting a model for large-scale theatre outside the massively subsidised powerh...
Old Production
Hi all I'm new on here and I'm a bit of a fossil . Years ago ( 60s) i saw a play in london and the final scen...
Day Seats
Do most theatre's do day seats and what sort of price. I go to the theatre probably twice a month and paying t...
It All Looks Different And It Scares Me.
Suddenly our forum appears to have got a new lick of paint, must say it greatly confused me at first but it is...
R&h Cinderella Pop Up Advert...on A Uk Thea...
I just went on to WOS home page and got a pop up advert for Cinderella on Broadway! Seems a bit odd for a UK b...

Strange Interlude
Passion Play
ZooNation Dance Company
Yellow Face
Dirty Dancing
To Kill a Mockingbird
Relatively Speaking
Fallen in Love
La Donna Del Lago
The Hothouse
The Tempest
Merrily We Roll Along
As You Like It
Untold Stories: Hymn
Children of the Sun


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Show Pics: First images of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
I went with my partner to see it on the opening preview night. Charlie was adorable and Douglas Hodge was bri...
Show Pics: First images of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Took my Granddaughter to see this on her 10th birthday last week. We both loved everyting about it. ...
Video: Jonathan Ross rolls along to Merrily in the West End
Ross is right; this is a fantastic show, with wonderful performers doing justice to a wise, witty score. I lov...
Will Lloyd Webber bring Love Never Dies back to London?
I agree with Joe Spiteri - LND was 100 times better than the orginal Phantom of the Opera. I went to see it 4...
Helena Blackman & Sam Attwater lead Seven Brides for Seven Brothers UK tour
Do either of these performers look like they could chop wood at 6am every morning in the snowy mountains? Ridi...
Will Lloyd Webber bring Love Never Dies back to London?
Give him a break! Clearly it was so courageous of him to stage this sequel. Didn't people blamed him for Chris...
Competition: Win a piece of theatre history!
Great prizes, will keep fingers crossed...
Brief Encounter with... West End Men star Lee Mead
I find Lee Mead just a little bit naff these days. He's lost the West End Man and now does panto. ...
20 Questions With...Claire Price
I enjoyed the series of Rebus, with Ken Stott and Claire Price as the main characters. I would love to see a p...
Beatles show Let it Be transfers to Savoy Theatre in Feb
We have just seen Let It Be and thought it was one of the best nights in the theatre we have ever had. You le...

In rehearsals, Leveaux was very good at making cast feel safe, as well as giving everyone time for their own input #wosouting
Reply | Retweet | Favourite
Something incredibly theatrical about the device that Nichols uses in the play #wosouting
Reply | Retweet | Favourite
Leveaux and designers have added a great fluidity to the piece #wosouting
Reply | Retweet | Favourite
Director David Leveaux has handled the writing in a very adult way, and has pared it down to a simple version #wosouting
Reply | Retweet | Favourite
The play kicks up everything, and is full of confrontation. It's terribly honest #wosouting
Reply | Retweet | Favourite
There is no one at fault who can wholly be blamed, the play is about sexual obsession #wosouting
Reply | Retweet | Favourite
Nichols' writing contains both bawdy humour and a dark flip side to that #wosouting
Reply | Retweet | Favourite
The structure plays brilliantly, and is a joy to do - Wanamaker says it's a sextet, literally! #wosouting
Reply | Retweet | Favourite
Character structure is quite unique, with alter egos. Was very hard to block and learn at first #wosouting
Reply | Retweet | Favourite
The play has an innocence and perhaps slight naivety about the pursuance of sex #wosouting
Reply | Retweet | Favourite